Medicare increases annual primary care update 5%

Medicare payments for primary care services will receive a 5% increase over 1996 payments, starting in January 1997.

Surgeons will see a 1.6% decrease in payments, and all other remaining services — those that are neither primary care nor surgical — will decrease by 1.8%. Overall, the changes announced by HHS will result in an average fee decrease of 0.3%.

Details on the annual regulation for the resource-based relative value scale, which governs Medicare fee-for-service payments, are in the Nov. 22, 1996, Federal Register.

The regulation also sets the 1997 spending targets for physician services, which are:

• 4.5% increase in spending for primary care services;

• 3.7% decrease for surgical services;

• 0.5% decrease for all other physician services.

HCFA officials conducted a comprehensive review of CPT-4 codes to make adjustments for 1997. The new expenditure targets represent the "default" targets set by prior regulation because Congress did not intercede in 1996.

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