Productivity takes the lead, readers say

According to our reader survey on physician compensation, most practices have used productivity at least in part to determine physician salaries. A quarter of responding practices pay their doctors based solely on how well they perform, and 42% have a base and productivity mix system. The mixes reported included 80% base/20% productivity in 40% of the cases, and 20% each reporting 85%/15%, 60%/40%, and 20%/80%.

Only a third of the surveys reported using a straight salary system to calculate income.

In the coming year, two-thirds of the respondents said they will change their system, with 63% moving to a base and productivity system and 38% to an relative value unit system.

Of the respondents reporting salaries, there was a wide range, with average compensation ranging from $125,000 for a family practice to $390,000 for a cardiology practice.