HQCB profiles the quality profession

• Most quality professionals — 72% of Healthcare Quality Certification Board (HQCB) survey respondents — are licensed RNs.

• Most (38%) have their baccalaureate degree. A close second — 35% — have their masters, and 1.4% hold a doctorate.

• Most (38%) work in community-based organizations; 17% work in managed care facilities.

• Most (40%) work in facilities having 1,000 or more beds; 20% work in small hospitals with under 199 beds.

• Most have worked in health care quality for 10 years. (Hospital Peer Review’s survey.)

• Most (40%) categorize their type of position as middle management. 18% are in senior management; 22% are on staff; and 10% work as consultants.

These demographics on the quality professional come from a survey conducted earlier this year by the HQCB in San Gabriel, CA. The board conducts a national job analysis of the quality profession every few years to ensure its certification examination — Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) — accurately reflects the responsibilities of the candidates it’s testing. The CPHQ program is sponsored by the National Association for Healthcare Quality in Glenview, IL.