Video education on the Web

Geriatric specialists who need brief educational videos to help train staff and physicians on issues for older adults can find them on the Web.

Geriatric Video Productions, a Shavertown, PA-based company, includes links to other geriatric-related sites on its home page. Videos available from the company are designed in 15- and 30-minute time frames to accommodate busy staff schedules. Topics currently available from the company include:

• pneumonia in the long-term care setting;

• preventing falls in the geriatric patient;

• wound care series;

• communication strategies for Alzheimer’s patients;

• depression in the long-term care setting;

• multiple drug resistant organisms: a growing concern;

• chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: care in the geriatric patient;

• urinary tract infections in the geriatric patient;


• tuberculosis or not tuberculosis: prevention and treatment.

The Geriatric Video Productions home page also offers links to other geriatric nursing sites, including links to news groups for nurse practitioners, general nursing, and skilled nursing.

Links also are available to the following:

Geriatric clinical sites:

— geriatric education;

— multidisciplinary education in geriatrics and aging;

— geriatric neuropsychology;

— Agency for Health Care Policy (AHCPR) clinical practice guidelines for pressure ulcers, depression, and urinary incontinence;

— Alzheimer’s association;

— Alzheimer’s disease program centers directory;

— Alzheimer’s disease education and referral center.

General nursing:

— nursing net;

— center for health education;

— nightingale;

— idea nurse.


— multimedia medical reference library;

— Canadian nursing resources;

— World Health Organization;

— Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;

— Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Review.

The Web site address is:

American Subacute Care Association (ASCA) Educational Conference on Purchasing, Wound Care Programs, Managed Care Contracting, and Outcomes Research — March 10-11, 1997. Denver. Contact: ASCA, 1440 Kennedy Causeway, Suite 421, North Bay Village, FL 33141. Telephone: (305) 864-0396.

Ninth Annual National Managed Health Care Congress — April 14-17, 1997. Washington, DC. Contact: National Managed Health Care Congress, P.O. Box 360034, Boston, MA 02241-0634. Telephone: (888) 446-6422. E-mail:

Methods and Tools of Quality Improvement — April 14-16, 1997. Lake Bluff, IL. Contact: Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 135 Francis St., Boston, MA 02215-9808. Telephone: (617) 754-4800. Fax: (617) 754-4848.

Subacute Care ‘97: Evolution or Revolution — Strategies for Change — May 7-9, 1997. Orlando, FL. Contact: National Subacute Care Association, Registration Center, Dulles International Airport, P.O. Box 17413, Washington, DC 20041. Telephone: (800) 765-7616.

Managed Home Care Congress — Subacute Care Provider Track. June 11-13, 1997. Nashville, TN. Contact: Managed Home Care Congress, 70 Blanchard Road, Suite 4000, Burlington, MA 01803. Telephone: (617) 505-8000.

Methods and Tools of Quality Improvement — Oct. 13-15, 1997. Boston. Contact: Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 135 Francis St., Boston, MA 02215-9808. Telephone: (617) 754-4800. Fax: (617) 754-4848.