Internet links to cancer information

Information you and your patients can use

The Internet is a good resource for patient education managers seeking information to enhance the educational opportunities of cancer patients and survivors. There are many sites patients will find helpful in a resource list. Following are several cancer-related sites for you to explore.

American Cancer Society.

Information on programs, events, publications, news, and cancer is available on the site. Also, links to other cancer-related sites such as Y-ME and the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Breast Cancer Information Clearinghouse.

Information on this site includes toll-free numbers and information hotlines, regional breast cancer support groups, information for health professionals, and links to other medical services.

Cancer Directory.

The site is designed to help people with cancer find products and services that meet their needs. Categories include companies with cancer-related products, health care facilities that specialize in cancer treatment, and community services such as organizations that provide information and referrals on support groups.

Cancer News.

This site connects people with cancer to sources on the Internet focusing on the latest information on cancer diagnosis and treatment. Options include links to sites created by cancer patients, clinical trials, companies doing important cancer research, and support groups.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

The NCCS site is a guide to cancer resources on the Internet. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the Internet to find answers to questions on cancer.


This site posts regularly updated cancer news, the names of journals of interest to health care professionals, outstanding campaigns, articles, and other resources selected by the Web site editor such as the Smokeout Home Page by the American Cancer Society and an article on prostate cancer published by Fortune Magazine.

Steve Dunn’s Cancer Guide.

Information includes recommended books on cancer, stories of patients confronting a difficult prognosis, a guide to on-line cancer information resources, and how to research medical literature. Inspirational stories from patients include those of cancer survivors.

(Editors note: The Web sites listed in this column are not endorsed by American Health Consultants. They are for informational purposes only. We suggest you verify all information used for patient education purposes for accuracy.)