Explore these hospital Web sites

The following Web sites will give you an opportunity to see how other hospitals are designing their sites and what information they are including.

Health on the Net


This Web site, sponsored by the Health on the Net Foundation, provides links to a long list of hospitals on the Internet. When you log onto the site, enter the word hospital to obtain the list. Click on the hospital Web sites you would like to review.

Mayo Clinic


Geared for patients and professionals, this Web site has three categories. They include medical services available at Mayo, research projects the clinic is involved with, and educational opportunities at Mayo for the professional.

• Mayo Health Oasis


This is the Mayo Clinic’s commercial site, which is geared to consumers. Users will find resources on diet and nutrition, pregnancy, children, cancer, heart health, medicine, and women’s health.

• Other Internet Resources


This special page on the Mayo Web site, provides links to a multitude of credible resources. Sites this page provides links to include the American Brain Tumor Association, American Dental Association, American Red Cross, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and more.

• St. Luke’s An Apple a Day


Anyone who logs onto the Web site for St. Luke’s Health System will discover An Apple a Day, the educational component of the site. Articles highlighting the summer season cover such topics as humor and its ability to lighten seemingly impossible situations; the benefits of massage; and summer kids programs offered by St. Luke’s.