Service offers less threatening assessment

The free workplace inspection offered by federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)Consultation Service begins with a telephone consultation to establish the nature of your work site. When the consultant arrives for the inspection, he or she will first meet with the employer to discuss the consultation service and the obligations of the employer.

The consultant and the employer will walk through the work site together, discussing the applicable OSHA standards, hazards, and possible controls. Hazards not covered by OSHA standards also will be noted and discussed. The consultant also may provide informal training of employees during the walk-through.

After the walk-through, the consultant will hold a closing conference to discuss what was found and what needs to be done. At that point, the consultant and employer will agree on a time frame for any improvements that must be made.

The consultant will send a written report after the visit, detailing the findings and confirming any deadlines for abatement of hazards. The consultant may contact the employer occasionally to see how improvements are progressing, and the employer can contact the consultant at any time with an update or to ask for advice.