Brochure coaches patients in care quality

A new brochure is advising patients how they can determine the quality of care at your hospital.

"Every patient deserves a nurse," is a brochure providing a checklist of questions consumers can ask their health care provider so they can make informed decisions about their care. The brochure is published by the American Nursing Association (ANA) in Washington, DC, as part of an extensive patient education campaign.

Hospital administrators can receive one free copy of "Every patient deserves a nurse" by contacting: ANA, 600 Maryland Ave, SW, Suite 100 W, Washington, DC 20024-2571. Telephone: (800) 274-4262. Multiple copies cost $37.50 per 250 brochures for the first 1,000 brochures and $32.50 per 250 for orders of more than 1,000. Request item #NP-92.