Explanation for Geisinger’s information network

Geisinger Health Care Systems in Danville, PA, has incorporated some of most sophisticated client-server technology in developing its information network. For those among our readers who are technically savvy, here’s the technical explanation for how the system is linked:

The main campus in Danville has a high- speed fiberoptic backbone consisting of two FDDI rings. This backbone connects 50 Ethernet segments located throughout the campus. This large network provides access to IBM, DEC, and HP hosts and supports TCP/IP, LAT, IPX, and SNA protocols.

The Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Wilkes-Barre, which serves as the eastern regional hub, has a six-segment network connected to the Danville campus via a T1 leased line. The 70 clinics each have one or more LAN segments and are linked to the hospitals via fast 56KB or very fast T1 leased lines. The WAN consists of 100 UB Networks hubs and 78 Cisco Systems routers.