Take a free peek at network standards

Your home care agency will have to jump through certain hoops to please its payers. But what about the hoops a payer has to jump through to please its accrediting body? The requirements placed on payers by accrediting bodies can affect what payers require of you.

While many health plans are accredited by the National Committee on Quality Assurance in Washington, DC, the Joint Commission also offers accreditation for health plans. The Joint Commission has posted its proposed standards for the 1998 Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Health Care Networks on its World Wide Web page and is accepting comments until May 2, 1997. This is your chance to take a peek at them without buying the manual when it’s released in early 1998.

The Joint Commission is also conducting field reviews of the proposed standards changes, some of which may trickle down to home care providers affiliated with health plans. Go to: http://www. jcaho.org/pubedmul/publicat/camhcn/intro.htm and proceed through the proposed changes by clicking on "Next."