Join your peers on an electronic quality network

American Health Consultants, the publisher of Case Management Advisor, now offers an electronic forum, called a "listserv," that allows readers to network with one another via e-mail.

Free to our Case Management Advisor subscribers, this listserv is an open forum for case management, health care quality, utilization management, utilization review, and other health care professionals to discuss the profession, exchange questions, or share experiences with peers.

All it takes to join is an Internet e-mail account. Simply send a message to listserv@listserv. and put the words "subscribe hospital-caseman" in the body of the message followed by your first and last names. (For example, subscribe hospital-caseman jane doe.) You will receive instructions on how the forum works, how to post messages to the forum, and how to exit the forum.

For those with access to the World Wide Web, you can visit our home page at http://www. and click on the button for our listservs and follow the prompts and instructions to subscribe.

The listserv is sponsored by American Health Consultants and managed by the editors of Case Management Advisor. Telephone: (800) 688-2421.