CONQUEST database updated, easier to use

The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research has released an update to the clinical performance measures database it released last year, CONQUEST 1.1, the Computerized Needs-oriented Quality Measure Evaluation System. The updated release is easier to use and is now compatible with a variety of operating systems. CONQUEST is a quality improvement software tool that helps users identify, understand, evaluate, and select measures to assess and improve clinical performance. It summarizes information on about 1,200 clinical performance measures developed by public and private organizations.

It uses a common language and provides a research short-cut by identifying specific types of measures that may be modifiable or adaptable for a user’s unique needs. If modified, the measures should be retested for validity and reliability.

CONQUEST consists of two interlocking databases — a Condition Database and a Measure Database — that allow users to target specific conditions or measures. The Condition Database includes information on 52 clinical conditions; the Measure Database contains information on the 1,200 measures contained in 53 measure sets. Users can produce pre-programmed or custom reports and can add measures and conditions to the database.

The 1.1 version functions as a run-time program in Windows 3.1 and higher, including Windows 95. Microsoft’s Access 2.0 is no longer required but still may be used to complete keyword searches or add to the database.

CONQUEST diskettes (Pub. No. 97-DP01) and the User’s Guide (Pub. No. 97-R001) are available free from the AHCPR Publications Clearing-house, P.O. Box 8547, Silver Spring, MD 20907. Telephone: (800) 358-9295. Free technical assistance with CONQUEST is available through AHCPR’s Quality Measurement Network (QMNet) contractor by calling (800) 865-5380.