Establish an Internal Organ Procurement Program

o Adopt the best practices and procedures related to organ procurement and donation.

o Designate a donor specialist or advocate at the hospital charged with all donor activities.

o Form a small group of individuals composed of nurses, social workers, and pastoral workers to assist the donor advocate in disseminating information and working with families.

o Plan outreach activities that include discussions with community groups.

o Recognize that organ procurement and transplantation are not everyday occurrences but are special events.

o Fully assess your internal donation system: strengths, weaknesses, levels of participation, accountability, communication, and quality of information known and disseminated.

o Communicate regularly with local legislators, organ procurement organizations, and other hospitals regarding donor opportunities and support favorable legislation.

o Work with the hospital’s counsel on the legal aspects of donor procurement.

o Get the full support of management and the local community through information.

Editor’s note: The Partnership for Organ Donation and other groups can offer advice on nationally accepted best practices and procedures. (See box, at right, for contact information.)