Studies: Expat issues significant

Just how strong is the demand for expatriate services? The numbers don’t lie, asserts Judy Ekstrom, MA, product specialist for Minneapolis-based Ceridian Performance Partners. Here are some statistics she cited for Employee Health & Fitness:

• Ninety-seven percent of international assignees gave health care considerations the highest overall rating in a survey.

• About 65% of expatriate employees were not provided with a pre-departure medical briefing on anticipated health care benefits and in-country practices by their organization.

• About 38% of expatriate employees were not offered any pre-departure medical exams or immunizations.

Sources: 1996-97 International Assignee Research Project; Berlitz International; and HFS Mobility Services in cooperation with the SHRM Institute for Human Resources.

• There are 350,000-plus corporate expatriates worldwide, and 100,000 in the United States. The National Foreign Trade Council predicts this volume will triple within five years; 86% of expatriates are male.

• A single failed overseas assignment can cost a company $1 million or more. The most common reason for a failed assignment is family issues.

• One out of five expatriates quits and goes home in the first six months.

Source: HR News, Society for Human Resource Management, March, 1998.


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