Best Practices from Celebration Health

o Universal rooms.

All of Celebration’s rooms are private and equipped for any type of patient from medical/surgical to intensive care. Patients stay in the same room during their entire stay. All nurses are intensive care unit-trained so the staff can rotate around the patient, and equipment is hidden behind a panel to create a more comforting atmosphere.

o Patient education.

Interactive computer stations are located throughout the campus so patients can access health education materials, research knowledge bases, and obtain printed materials. Visitors can also schedule doctor’s appointments and obtain information about fitness and nutrition classes or other events. Patients have access to the hospital’s 2,200-square-foot library.

o Concept pharmacy.

Prescriptions are transmitted electronically and filled by a robot so pharmacists have more time for patient consultation. Discharge prescriptions can be filled and delivered to the patient’s room before they leave the hospital.

o Fitness.

The hospital’s fitness center has more than 60,000 square feet of exercise space and activities for all ages and fitness levels, including a spa, swimming pool, and a room for Cycle Reebok, a group bicycle workout. Child care and personal training services are available. An electronic notebook attached to each piece of equipment keeps track of workout activities, and the system flags your name for a motivational call from the staff if you start to slack off.

o Pediatric services.

Celebration takes the fear out of hospitals through ideas like a children’s play room in the emergency department (ED), children’s programming in the fitness center, and videos available to patients getting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). A separate area in the ED is set aside for minor emergencies to shield children from major trauma and reduce waiting times.

o Customer service.

Patients are given a beeper if a visit requires a wait, leaving them free to visit the resource library or the atrium. There are no overhead paging systems to disturb patients and few traditional hospital waiting rooms. Patients can schedule appointments throughout the Florida Hospital system with just one phone call. The hospital’s restaurant is designed as a café with international cuisine, vegetarian specialties, and a mesquite-fired brick oven.

o Technology.

Celebration Health is designed as a paperless records system with immediate transfer of health information and simultaneous access to computerized charts by multiple providers. The imaging center is fully digitized, eliminating the need for retakes and allowing radiologists to manipulate images for better diagnostic outcomes. Celebration is the second facility in the world to offer functional MRI, a test pinpointing areas of the brain affected by specific sensory stimulation.

o Architecture.

The building is designed to look like a 1930s Mediterranean resort, including an atrium with flowers and greenery. The hospital is divided into a "front stage" or healthy corridor that includes physician offices and other services needed by mostly healthy people, and a "back stage" or healing corridor for more extensive, acute care.

Source: Celebration (FL) Health.