CARF case management standards approved

The Tucson, AZ-based Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities’ (CARF) accreditation standards for case management departments already have been approved by the organization’s board of trustees and will be available to the public in January. They address:

Leadership. This section addresses who is responsible for managing and directing medical rehabilitation case management. This section also outlines which leadership would be responsible for various areas of case management activity, such as fiscal management, ethics, strategy, health, safety, and transportation.

Information and outcomes management. This section addresses how information is gathered at both the level of the individual and the program to determine the outcomes of work completed by case managers. It also discusses public disclosure of information gathered.

Rehabilitation process for persons served. This section addresses the rights of the client and how case managers interact with the client and the rehabilitation team.

Other key concepts addressed in the CARF standards include:

• full participation of the case manager in decision making related to the services, equipment, and supplies provided to the persons served, community resources used, and efficient movement of the client through the continuum of care;

• the role of the case manager in the continuum of care and use of the continuum of care;

• coordination with all stakeholders;

• advocacy for clients.