The Internet to the rescue

Providers in search of grant funding may find a wealth of information on the Internet. A list of grant-related Web sites follows.

o The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance at is a governmentwide compendium of 1,381 federal programs, projects, services, and activities that provide assistance or benefits to the American public. (This includes grants, loans, services, scholarships, training, and insurance.)

o Several federal agencies maintain grant information on their Web sites, including:

The Department of Health and Human Services at

The Department of Commerce at www.fed

The Department of Education at

The Department of Agriculture (distance learning and telemedicine) at

o offers grant writing seminars and resources. Its Web site provides links to major governmental, foundation, and corporate Web sites.

o The Community Resource Institute at provides links to the Web sites of foundations with health funding, along with information about the grants awarded by nationwide, local and corporate funding sources.

o The Foundation Center at www.fdncenter. org provides information on foundation and corporate giving, proposal writing, and grant research workshops, as well as links to private and community foundation, corporate, and public charity Web sites. The Foundation Center also publishes printed directories and a CD-ROM database of over 40,000 grant-making foundations. This information is free at the Foundation Center’s five regional centers in Washington, DC, New York City, Atlanta, Cleveland, and San Francisco, as well at more than 200 cooperating collection libraries.

o Guidestar: The Donor’s Guide to the Nonprofit Universe at provides information about 40,000 nonprofit organizations and another 500,000 groups loosely classified as charities.

o Health Resources Publishing at (732) 292-1100 produces Grant Funding for Elderly Health Services, an index of funding sources and popularly supported programs.

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