Consultant offers dozen we deserve’

Nobody has a monopoly on crystal balls, of course, but Larry S. Chapman, MPH, of Summex Corp. in Seattle, has for years been one of the most respected observers of the wellness scene. What follows is Chapman’s vision of our profession’s future, encapsulated in 12 specific predictions:

1. We will likely have more genetic and recombinant DNA interventions to repair genetic weaknesses in the individual’s genome.

2. We will probably have access to a full set of dietary supplements and concentrated foods that will provide health protection and enhancement.

3. Computerized health surveys that are modified with each iteration will be used to target and provide continuity to wellness issues for the individual.

4. Tailored messaging will likely be driven by interactive TV and interactive aspects of home computers — a kind of a wellness Mr. Rogers’ for each of us.

5. We will probably have wellness information in virtually any form we want to get it — and at any time.

6. Wellness will be much more expansive, and will seek to help people balance the competing demands and conditions of their lives.

7. The primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention concerns of each individual will be integrated and maintained in real-time databases that are accessible to wellness interventionists.

8. Wellness professionals will become experts at life simplification, under the guise of "Less is more."

9. A whole new series of wellness products will most likely be available that help secure a younger, more energetic approach to life for us aging boomers.’

10. Alternative’ therapies will no longer be alternative, but instead will be offered along side of allopathic remedies. (Please see related story on p. 10, None dare call it alternative . . . )

11. The Internet will be a central means of information provision, support, and commerce, and it will be a main pathway for delivering wellness services and products.

12. Quality of life considerations will emerge as the dominant concern for the majority of our population.

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