Holiday gifts for people with arthritis

Many of us have friends or relatives who have arthritis. With the holidays upon us, why not consider a thoughtful gift that lets them know you care and understand?

The Atlanta-based Arthritis Foundation recommends these gifts — most of which are simple and inexpensive — for your loved ones with arthritis:

Lazy Susan: Available with one or two shelves, this kitchen organizer can eliminate painful reaching.

Double-handed cookware, mugs or bowls: Kitchen items with two handles allow the use of both hands when lifting, thus reducing strain on joints.

Food processor: With this appliance, a person can eliminate chopping, slicing and grating, all of which can be painful and tiring tasks for someone with arthritis.

Mittens: They are easier to slip on and off and are warmer than gloves.

Electric toothbrush: It is easier to manipulate than a manual toothbrush, and does a more thorough job of cleaning the teeth.

For more information about thoughtful holiday gifts for people with arthritis, contact your local Arthritis Foundation office. You can find the office nearest you by calling (800) 283-7800, or by visiting the foundation’s site on the World Wide Web,