Levels of Results-Orientation Progress

Function: Decision Making

Level 1: Decisions made by manager without input.
Level 2: Decision made by manager and then input sought.
Level 3: Input sought by manager, then manager makes decision.
Level 4: Manager and team jointly make decision.
Level 5: Team makes decision, leader sets boundaries, and manager is a resource to team.

Function: Problem Solving

Level 1: Manager autonomously handles all situations without input.
Level 2: Manager handles situation; may ask input from team leader.
Level 3: Manager asks input from team, then solves issue.
Level 4: Manager facilitates team in jointly solving the issue.
Level 5: Team solves issues within its boundaries; manager is a resource to team.

Function: Staff Scheduling

Level 1: Manager schedules without input.
Level 2: Manager schedules considering special requests (vacations, etc.).
Level 3: Manager schedules with input from staff.
Level 4: Manager and team do schedule together.
Level 5: Team self-schedules within established parameters.

Function: Communications

Level 1: Communication is top down only.
Level 2: Primarily top down upward communications is at the manager’s discretion.
Level 3: Manager communicates upward and downward through team leader.
Level 4: Continuous communication in both directions between team and manager.
Level 5: Team keeps manager informed; manager communicates outside of team.

Function: Roles and Responsibilities

Level 1: Roles are clearly defined and hierarchical relationships form.
Level 2: Roles are still clearly defined as a loss of peer/subordinate relationship.
Level 3: Management/Staff roles clearly defined; manager holds primary responsibility, although input is still sought.
Level 4: Shared responsibility. Leader sets direction, coaches, and facilitates.
Level 5: Team has responsibility within defined limits. Leader sets limits and is resource to team.

Time Frame:

Level 1: Immediate.
Level 2: Immediate.
Level 3: 6-8 Months.
Level 4: 12-18 Months.
Level 5: 18-24 Months.

Source: Terry Williams, LUMEN, Atlanta.