Guide to Soy Products

• Tofu: bean curd (made by adding a coagulant to the liquid squeezed from cooked soybeans). This is a bland and versatile Asian food that comes in many forms. Usually sold in blocks, often labeled as to texture, ranging from "silken" (very soft, used in shakes and puddings), to soft, firm, and extra firm. Softer types are usually used in soups and the firmer type in stir-fry, casseroles. There are many varieties of pressed, dried, and fermented tofu.

• Tempeh: a fermented, firm tofu product that is usually packaged in blocks.

• Miso: fermented bean paste, used as a base for Japanese soups and sauces.

• Soy grits, soy flour, soy powder: different particle sizes of soybeans (usually made from defatted soybean flakes).

• Green soybeans: fresh soybeans, usually boiled.

• Textured soy protein: may be made from isolates, concentrates, soy grits, or soy flour. Often processed to resemble different sorts of meat.

• Soymilk: a milk substitute made from cooked soybeans. American varieties may have various flavorings added.

• Soy protein isolate: a 90% protein product prepared from defatted soybeans. Used in infant formulas as well as many commercially prepared soy products.

• Soy protein concentrate: usually contains 65% protein. Prepared from defatted soybeans and used in many commercially prepared soy products. v

Adapted from Messina MJ, et al. Soy intake and cancer risk: A review of the in vitro and in vivo data. Nutr Cancer 1994;21: 113-131.