Details of Yale’s four-year corrective action’ plan

Here's how OIG wants Yale to handle its credit balances, according to a four-year corrective action plan mandated by the $5.6 million settlement:

- Yale must establish a credit balance department within its Office of Professional Services.

- Employees involved in credit balances must receive biannual training that focuses on software used for cash posting, payment regulations of Medicare and private insurers, and the reading and coding of EOBs.

- Yale must resolve all credit balances within 120 working days after the balance was created. If the balance is not resolved within 40 working days, then the credit balance department must send a letter to the payer requesting assistance in the matter. Payers will be told that unresolved balances will be sent to the state of Connecticut as unclaimed property.

- If the balances can't be resolved within 120 days, the money must go to a special interest-bearing account.

- Yale must hire an auditor to check its credit balances for the past four years, followed by semiannual audits.