Smart web site produces informed surgical patients

Outpatient surgery patients can find out what questions to ask about their surgery, their medication, and the day of surgery at a web site ( sponsored by Ethicon Endo-Surgery in Cincinnati.

The site addresses the following questions:

  1. Are there other treatment options for my condition?
  2. Will there be a registered nurse in the operating room during my surgery?
  3. Will reprocessed disposable surgical instruments be used on me during surgery?
  4. Am I receiving the right medication?

5. How will the surgeon verify that he or she is performing the right surgery on the right place on my body?

Patients can choose key words within these questions to go to web pages that include detailed information that will help them understand the reasons for asking these questions and understand the surgeon or nurse educator’s answers.

The web site also includes links to patient safety and health care sites such as the Patient Safety Foundation and the American College of Surgeons.

Patient education materials and other tools for surgeons or nurse educators to use also are available. To order free brochures, go to:, click on "Healthcare Professional" at the bottom of the page. Choose the e-mail address to request brochures that contain the same information contained in the web site.