What are the top 10 customer concerns?

Sometimes the best way to find out what customers really want is to simply ask them.

Press, Ganey Associates of South Bend, IN, collected information on the most important issues for a patient recommending a home health agency. These are the top 10 patient satisfaction issues identified from 7,000 questionnaires sent in 1994 to patients of 25 home care agencies nationwide:

      1. How well an agency handles request to change nurse or aides.
      2. Family kept informed about treatment.
      3. Family involvement in planning home health service.
      4. Nurse’s concern for patient’s comfort.
      5. Aide’s concern for patient’s comfort.
      6. Nurse’s concern to contact patient if late or absent.
      7. How well nurse teaches patient to care for self.
      8. Technical skill of nurse.
      9. How well initial plan of health care or treatment meets needs.
      10. Helpfulness of person who made initial arrangements for the service.

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Here are a few books and other resources to find out more information about improving customer service:

The Customer Comes Second, by Hal Rosenbluth and Diane McFerrin Peters; published in 1992 by William Morrow and Co. in New York.

Customers for Life, by Carl Sewell; published in 1990 by Pocket Books in New York City.

Dinosaur Brains: Dealing with all those impossible people at work, by Albert Bernstein and Sydney Craft Rozen; published in 1989 by Ballantine Books in New York.

Getting to Yes, by Roger Fisher and William Ury; published in 1991 by Penguin Books in New York.

Growing a Business, by Paul Hawken; published in 1987 by Simon & Schuster in New York.

It’s Not My Department, by Peter Glen; published in 1992 by Berkley Paperbacks in New York.

Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service, by Chip Bell and Ron Zemke; published in 1992 by AMACOM, a part of the American Management Association in New York.

Total Customer Service: The Ultimate Weapon, by William H. Davidow and Bro Uttal; published in 1989 by Harper & Row in New York.

Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion, by George Thompson, PhD; published in 1993 by William Morrow and Co. in New York.

Winning the Service Game, by Benjamin Schneider and David Bowen; published in 1995 by the Harvard Business School Press in Boston.