Get women’s health info via telephone, Internet

Providers seeking women’s health information may be interested in these two Internet sites:

• The U.S. Public Health Service offers the National Women’s Health Information Center, a combination Web site and toll-free hotline. The site,, has a database and links to more than 1,000 federal agencies, publications, and hundreds of government-screened private sector organizations related to women’s health. The bilingual hotline, (800) 994-WOMAN, connects callers to health information specialists and allows them to order fact sheets and brochures.

• Health educators looking for brochures on HIV/STD prevention, abstinence, and other issues should check out, offered by Journeyworks Publishing of Santa Cruz, CA. To request a catalog of brochure titles, visit the Web or contact: Journeyworks Publishing, P.O. Box 8466, Santa Cruz, CA 95061-8466. Telephone: (800) 775-1998 or (831) 423-1400. Fax: (831) 423-8102.