Signs and Symptoms of the Alcoholic Nurse

    1. More irritable with patients and colleagues; withdrawn; mood swings.

    2. Isolated, wants to work night shifts, lunches alone, avoids informal staff get-togethers.

    3. Elaborate excuses for behavior such as being late for work.

    4. Blackouts; complete memory loss for events, conversations, phone calls to colleagues; euphoric recall of events on the floor.

    5. Job shrinkage; does minimal work necessary.

    6. Difficulty meeting schedules and deadlines.

    7. Illogical or sloppy clothing.

    8. Increasingly absent from duty with inadequate explanations: long lunch hours, sick leave after days off.

    9. Calls in to request compensatory time at the beginning of the shift.

Source: Ohio Board of Nursing, Compliance Unit, Columbus.