AAOHN announces research priorities

Health promotion and hazard prevention in the workplace top the list of research priorities recently announced by the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) in Atlanta.

The AAOHN developed the list of research priorities by surveying 15% of its 13,000 members. They were offered 37 research topics compiled by the AAOHN Research and Ethics Committee and asked to rate each one.

For each item, they were asked how important the items were in regard to worker health and the value to the occupational and environmental health nursing profession. Thirty-four percent responded to the first round, and 62% of that group responding to the second round of questioning.

These are the research priorities determined by the survey:

1. effectiveness of primary health care delivery at the work site;

2. effectiveness of health promotion nursing intervention strategies;

3. methods for handling complex ethical issues related to occupational health;

4. strategies that minimize work-related health outcomes, such as respiratory disease;

5. health effects resulting from chemical exposures in the workplace;

6. occupational hazards of health care workers, such as latex allergy and bloodborne pathogens;

7. factors that influence workers’ rehabilitation and return to work;

8. effectiveness of ergonomic strategies to reduce worker injury and illness;

9. effectiveness of case management approaches in occupational illness and injury;

10. evaluation of critical pathways to effectively improve worker health and safety and to enhance maximum recovery and safe return to work;

11. effects of shift work on worker health and safety;

12. strategies for increasing worker compliance and motivation to use personal protective equipment.