JCAHO Accreditation Recommendations

Recommendation: Any recommendation requires the health care organization to take corrective action based on the nature, severity, or number of compliance problems. The Joint Commission will closely monitor the results.

Type I Recommendation: A Type I recommendation requires the health care organization to resolve

insufficient or unsatisfactory standards compliance in a specific performance area. The organization must resolve Type I recommendations in a specified amount of time to maintain its accreditation. Organizations report corrections through a written progress report or during an unscheduled survey.

First-generation Type I recommendation (second-generation, third-generation): The first time the Joint Commission finds a problem, a first-generation Type I recommendation is issued. If the problem is not corrected within the given time, a second-generation Type I recommendation is issued, and so on.

Supplemental recommendation: A supplemental recommendation is issued when a standard is scored below substantial compliance (that is, less than a score 1), but a type 1 recommendation is not issued. If not resolved, a supplemental recommendation may affect the organization's future accreditation decisions.

Source: JCAHO; Oakbrook, IL.