The Wound Calendar

"New Advances in Wound Healing," presented by Marketa Limova, MD, will be presented at the H & H Dermatology Seminar, Aug. 11-15, Aspen, CO. Sponsored by the Skin Disease Foundation. Telephone: (312) 988-7700.

"Optimum Wound Management: A Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Approach" seminars, presented by Bonnie Sparks-DeFriese, PT, CWS, will be held on:

    Aug. 14-15, Dallas
    Aug. 28-29, Chicago
    Sept. 11-12, Sarasota, FL
    Sept. 25-26, Denver
    Oct. 9-10, Atlanta
    Oct. 22-23, Jackson, MS

Contact: Illume, 15505 E. 590th Road, Inola, OK 74036. Telephone: (918) 543-6933. Fax: (918) 543-3334. Web site:

"Taking Charge of Wound Management" seminars will be held on:

    Aug. 23, Nashville, TN
    Sept. 20, Charleston, SC

Contact: Donna Morgan, Professional Rehabi li ta tion, Easley, SC. Telephone: (800) 447-2059.

The 1999 Joint European Tissue Repair Society/Wound Healing Society Meeting will be held on Aug. 24 -28, Lyon, France. Contact: Alexis Desmouliere, GREF, Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2, 146 Rue Léo-Siagnant, 33076 Bordeaux, France. Telephone: +33-557-571-771. Fax: +33-556-14-077.

Wound Care Specialty Course will be held Sept. 6-25, Charleston, SC. Sponsored by the Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing, 99 Jonathan Lucas St., Charleston, SC 29425. Telephone: (843) 792-2651. Fax: (843) 792-3680. E-mail:

2nd Joint Conference on Infection Control will be held on Sept. 9-11, Queensland, Australia. Spon sored by the Practitioners Association of Queensland and the Queensland Wound Care Association. Telephone: +61-0-7-3369-0477. E-mail:

3rd Annual Wound Care Congress for Rehabilitation Professionals will be held Sept. 19-22 in Las Vegas. Telephone: (318) 869-3322. Web site:

Second European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Open Meeting will be held Sept. 20-22 in Oxford, UK. Telephone: +44-0-1865-2228233.

14th Annual Clinical Symposium on Wound Care will be held Sept. 30-Oct. 4 in Denver. Sponsored by Springhouse Corp. and Advances in Wound Care. Tele phone: (888) 898-3323. Web site:

"Clinical Management of Problem Wounds Symposium IV," directed by Paul J. Sheffield, PhD, and Richard D. Heimbach, MD, PhD, will be held Oct. 1-2, San Antonio. Telephone: (210) 614-3688.

21st Annual Wound Management Workshop will be held Oct. 13-16, San Diego. Sponsored by the Uni versity of California San Diego School of Medicine. Tele phone: (619) 467-9010. E-mail:

8th Annual Wound Care Symposium will be held Oct. 15-17, Williamsburg, VA. Sponsored by The Wound Healing Center, Medical College of Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic Region of WOCN. Telephone: (800) 413-2872 or (804) 828-3640. Credit offered: CME, CEU, AAFP.

"WOCN-2000: New Age, New Medicine, New Care" will be held Oct. 22-24 in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Sponsored by the Northeast Region of WOCN. E-mail:

"Current Concepts in Wound Healing" for physical and occupational therapists, assistants, nurses, physicians, facility administrators, and other professionals involved in wound care will be presented by Wound Care Associates on Oct. 23-24 in Kingsport, TN. Telephone: (414) 245-6812. Fax: (414) 245-6912. E-mail: Web site: