JCAHO simplifies ORYX rules for agencies that are small

The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) has given home care organizations with an average annual census of fewer than 120 patients an easier set of ORYX requirements. The new rules state that the agencies no longer have to select measures exclusively from Joint Commission templates. Rather, they may select measures from any relevant source, including literature, performance measurement systems, or internally developed measures.

The move is in response to comments from organizations that the measure templates artificially limited their ability to choose meaningful performance measures. The simplified requirements will enhance organizations’ abilities to choose measures that are most relevant to their patient populations and strategic measurement objectives.

Under the simplified requirements, small organizations can choose their measures and report them to the Joint Commission by the end of this year. A form will be mailed to all eligible organizations. For more information, contact the ORYX Information Line at (630) 792-5085, or e-mail: oryx@jcaho.org.