Kids for Health at a Glance

Washington Regional Medical Center (WRMC) in Fayetteville, AR, sponsors a health education program for young children. Organized around five major curriculum points, Kids for Health introduces a holistic view of health.

The lessons present the information in 30-minute sessions each week, at levels appropriate for kindergarten through third grade. Each year, students study the following units, building on knowledge from the previous grade:

1. My self

Self-esteem, interactions, stress, and communication

2. My body

Body systems: brain, heart, lung, digestion, muscle, and bone

3. My health

Nutrition and fitness

4. My choice

Hygiene, safety, and drugs

5. My world

Environmental health, consumerism, and orientation to health care

Also of interest:

• Washington Regional Medical Center employs 11 Kids for Health instructors.

• Since the 1995-96 school year, Kids for Health has been taught in 26 elementary schools in the Fayetteville area.

• Each week, the program reaches 8,500 public school children.