Wellness Challenge: Could you meet these criteria

To get a Wellness Challenge bonus payment at Providence Everett Medical Center in Everett, WA, employees must meet at least eight of these criteria:

• No lost work time during the past year due to pain or injury that occurred on the job.

• No sick time in three of four quarters of the year.

• Less than $250 in health care claims or use during the benefit year, excluding dependents, deductibles, and preventive medical services.

• Earn at least nine or more points in a self-directed learning program, including reading articles, watching videos, or taking classes.

• Sign an agreement to wear a safety belt every time they ride in a motor vehicle.

• View a 30-minute presentation on personal self-care and meeting the Wellness Challenge.

• Be a nonsmoker or show verification of participation in a smoking cessation program.

• Blood pressure measured and recorded by an employee health nurse or wellness staff person at least twice a year.

• Earn at least 75 points for physical fitness activities.

• Earn at least 90 TLC points for "mental wellness" activities, including such things as gardening, reading a book, and getting a massage.