Source Kit

The following are names and contact information for sources quoted in this issue:

William DeMarco, President, DeMarco & Associates, Rockford, IL. Telephone: (815) 877-8781.

David Main, JD, Shaw Pittman, Washington, DC. Telephone: (202) 663-8443.

Mary Beth Johnson, JD, Womble Carlyle, Research Triangle, NC. Telephone: (919) 484 2315.

Bo Bobbitt, JD, Smith Anderson LLP, Raleigh, NC. Telephone: (919) 821-1220. Web site: www.

Rita Graves, Administrator, Sandhills Physicians Inc., and Doctors Direct Healthcare, Fayetteville, NC. Telephone: (910) 485-0510.

Mike Boguszewski, Manager, Hamilton HMC, Minneapolis. Telephone: (612) 378-1700. E-mail: