AMA program provides compliance instructions

The American Medical Association (AMA) has launched a new on-line program to education physicians and their staffs how to comply with laws, regulations, and policy shifts that govern federal fraud and abuse enforcement activities.

The Compliance Interactive Tutorial System (CITS) provides guided instruction for physician practices on how to navigate America’s highly regulated health care industry.

The program, which is for AMA members only, provides an Internet-based tutorial and reference system that offers up-to-date information on current fraud and abuse regulations.

"The vast majority of physicians are honest, hard-working professionals, who in the context of their demanding workload, face a considerable challenge in complying with 100,000 pages of health care regulations," says Randolph D. Smoak Jr., MD, president-elect of the AMA.

Program includes training modules

CITS provides a compliance training program that can be used without hiring outside consultants, he adds.

CITS includes training modules that provide a series of lessons on fraud and abuse guidelines. For example, the first module contains four lessons covering government audits, Medicare reviews, search warrants, and subpoenas. The lessons include questions that provide feedback for the user.

Users can obtain additional information through Internet links to other resources such as OIG Fraud Alerts, HCFA advisories, compliance integrity agreements, government regulations, and other sources.

Access is limited to AMA physician members and their staffs. Users can log onto CITS through the AMA Web site at: http://www.ama-assn. org/members.cits.