New twist on pharmacy e-commerce marketplace

Buy from manufacturers

If you had the opportunity to attend the 1999 American Society of Health-System Pharma cists Mid-Year Clinical meeting in Orlando, FL, you also may have seen the PharmasMarket.Com booth in the exhibit hall. PharmasMarket.Com of Amesbury, MA, has announced its plan to be the first direct business-to-business electronic commerce marketplace solution for the pharmaceutical industry. In creating this virtual marketplace, health care providers will be able to buy drugs directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers via the Internet.

According to Jay Alperin, president, CEO, and founder, the company’s goal is "to bring buyers and sellers together in a direct relationship that facilitates market access, provides distribution capabilities, and creates processing efficiencies that allow trading partners to realize increased revenues while at the same time achieving important cost reductions."

PharmasMarket.Com offers providers the opportunity to bid on auctions of excess inventory, the chance to view all pharmaceuticals for sale and compare them. It also provides information about contract negotiating and provider-to-provider product exchange. In addition, it offers providers a service that simplifies the process of calling other local providers when emergency use of a drug or medical or surgical supply presents itself. Providers can register for exchange notifications so that when one provider queries the system for a product, notifications will be delivered immediately by e-mail to all registered providers. For more on this site, visit http://