New on-line source for hospital data

QuadraMed, a Neptune, NJ-based consulting firm, has created a new data source called the American Hospital Directory. The site, at, features both free and subscription-based data.

Most of the data are taken from public use files obtained from the Health Care Financing Administration. Sources include:

• The Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MedPAR) file, which contains records for 100% of Medicare beneficiaries using hospital inpatient services.

• The Provider of Services file, a by-product of the Medicare/Medicaid Automated Certification System (MMACS), which contains characteristics for each Medicare-approved provider.

• The Medicare Cost Report file, with cost, statistical, financial, and other information from the Medicare Hospital Cost Reports submitted for Medicare Certified Hospitals.

• Hospital addresses, telephone numbers, and ownership information are licensed from SK&A Information Resources in New York City.

The information is for specific hospitals. Users type in the name and/or location of a facility, and the site provides information on that hospital.

A typical free report includes information on the number of beds, in-patient days, subproviders and distinct units, gross patient revenue, nonpatient revenue, and net income or loss. Also included are the number of Medicare inpatients, average length of stay, average charges, and Medicare case mix index. The top 10 APC descriptions for outpatients are also included.

For subscription reports, the above information is supplemented by information on services offered, staffing levels, and utilization summaries. Day and discharge utilization statistics are also included.

For more information on the site, contact QuadraMed at (800) 437-7220, or visit the Web site at