Ima Baadnurse: Bad news for home care

Huron Valley Visiting Nurses (HVVN) of Ann Arbor, MI, created an educational video to help prepare staff for a survey by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations in Oakbrook Terrace, IL.

Below are the first few scenes from the script, which follows the exploits of Ima Baadnurse, a bag lady who happens to wander into the world of home care:

I. Introduction


Welcome to the Huron Valley Visiting Nurses’ video on the Performance Improvement Program. HVVN is accredited with commendation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, which is abbreviated: J-C-A-H-O. The Joint Commission visits the agency every three years to observe what we are doing and how we are doing it. The JCAHO surveyor will spend three to four days looking at agency policies, interviewing staff, making visits with staff, reviewing paperwork and patient charts, and so on. We expected our survey to be sometime in the first quarter of 1997.

The following video has been prepared by the agency’s Quality Council and its Functional Improvement Teams (FITs) to share information with all staff regarding the agency’s quality improvement program and to help prepare for the agency’s JC survey. Many employees have contributed to the video, and we thank them. After viewing the video, employees are asked to take a post-test that will demonstrate each staff member’s familiarity with the information presented. Please give the post-test to your supervisor.

[Insert screen graphic: bag lady and nurse]

The Story

Now, on to the story: This video is a tale of good and bad. Real bad. Way bad. Woven in between various informational skits, you will see the adventures of Ima Baadnurse. She is the epitome of what not to do — we hope that you will recognize every breach of agency policy. Also, you will see a vignette of Ima’s alter ego, Ms. Goodenurse, who will model safety equipment while reviewing proper procedures for patient care.

First, you will be introduced to Ima. Poor Ima. She was wronged by a cheating significant other who stole her fortune and left her to fend for herself. Unable to support herself, Ima joined the ranks of our nation’s homeless and took up residence under the bridge near our corporate offices at the intersection of Eisenhower Parkway and Industrial Highway in Ann Arbor. No one is sure how she came upon the idea of becoming one of our employees. Perhaps, it was by chance or just plain bad luck. We join Ima as she is on her daily round of seeking food and sustenance...

II. Ima Baadnurse: wanders through parking lot and into building.

Narrator voice-over:

Oh, Oh. Could those nurses have left patient information on the seat of the car where anyone could see it? That violates a patient’s right to confidentiality. Also, they’re discussing a patient in public — another breach of confidentiality.

It looks like Ima is more interested in the donuts they left on the seat than patient information.

Now, what is she doing? Entrance to the building should be through the front door. Isn’t anyone going to stop her?

(Insert screen: haunted house)


During this video, there are several Performance Improvement Program Updates that are brought to you by the Leadership and Performance Improvement FIT which is the agency’s Quality Council. Following is the first of several messages from the "Other Side" of home care. . . . First, there is El Vira (she may be a little scaaaary, but she’s all we got!)

III. Elvira: reviewing performance improvement program structure and methodologies.

IV. Ima: roaming office, viewing patient information on a computer, and then taking a file from the file room.


It looks like no one realizes that Ima is roaming the office. She looks so different from our agency’s regular employees, why isn’t someone challenging her? There is a lot of information that is not to be shared with the public.

It looks like she’s found more food.

Now, she’s looking at information on one of the computers. Why didn’t the screen saver activate? Another violation of policy — she might see patient information that is privileged. It might even be about her husband, Al Coholic, who was a patient. She seems to be finding something interesting. Now she’s in the file room — this should be a secure area. She could be looking for Al’s chart. Who knows what she’ll do next?