In-home evaluation ensures competency

Therapists who work for Braintree (MA) Rehabilitation Ventures are evaluated annually on site with the patients to make sure their skills meet the requirements of the hospital and the home health agencies they contract with.

In addition, the home care therapists are evaluated annually on site with the patients.

Susan Saya, PT, MBA, contract therapy service director, who is a physical therapist, conducts the evaluations for the physical therapists. Occupational and speech therapists from Braintree evaluate contract therapists from their disciplines.

Areas evaluated include:

• Professional etiquette. Is the clinician dressed appropriately? Do they have rapport with the family and the patient?

• Treatment skills. Are they doing the proper treatment? Do they explain what is happening to the patient and the caregiver?

• Universal precautions. Do they use them if necessary? Do they wash their hands thoroughly before and after treating the patient?

• Supplies. If they need to use supplies, such as bandages or gloves, are they using them, and are they using them appropriately?

• Teaching techniques. Do they communicate the exercises clearly? Do they ask for a return demonstration of the skills from a patient or family member.

Saya examines the therapists’ documentation separately, sits down and talks to the therapists, and makes suggestions.