Policy and Procedure for Fall Risk Assessment


The Clarion Forest VNA is concerned for the safety of its patients. In efforts to ensure their safety from falls, a Fall Risk Assessment tool is included in the initial assessment and reassessment. If a patient is identified as high risk for a fall, the following procedure is initiated.


1. Complete the Fall Risk Assessment on admission, readmission, and yearly update.

2. If three or more risk areas are identified, then proceed to next step.

3. The admitting nurse will be responsible for applying yellow high-risk stickers to the front of the patient chart, in-home folder, and other service referrals.

4. The admitting nurse will initiate appropriate care plans.

5. Each nurse will educate the patient/SO on how to reduce their risk of falling using the teaching packet.

6. The patient will be evaluated each visit of their risk status and document on care plan.

7. Revocation of high-risk status may be made if deemed appropriate and safe by the team leader and documented in the patient record.

8. The team leader is responsible for notifying other services and removing high-risk stickers from the patient chart and in-home folder.

Source: Clarion Forest VNA, Knox, PA.