Web site helps calculate ROI on counseling

The Dependent Care Connection (DCC), a Westport, CT-based human services management company, has developed an interactive on-line worksheet/calculator to help human resources professionals calculate their return on investment for counseling and referral services. Clients and non-clients can access it on the internet at: http://www.dcclifecare.com.

"It’s a free site; the calculator just sits there," explains Mark Willaman, director of marketing and sales for DCC, who notes that it can serve two different audiences. "First, HR managers who already have benefits like ours up and running may just want to test payback of that benefit. By inputting asked-for variables, they can pretty much tell if it’s paying for itself. Second, are those considering implementing counseling and referral services. They can conduct some sensitivity analyses by playing around with certain variables (i.e., average salary, cost of the service, number of users) and assumptions and see if it is worth pursuing."

For more information, contact: Mark Willaman, DCC/The Dependent Care Connection, P.O. Box 2783, Westport, CT 06880. Telephone: (800) 873-4636.