CARF accreditation should look familiar

The CARF accreditation process shouldn’t take you Joint Commission survey masters by surprise. Here is how the process works:

Once you determine that your organization substantially meets the standards, you can apply for a CARF survey.

CARF will review the application, determine the number of surveys and days required for the site survey, and calculate the cost of the survey at a per-surveyor-per-day rate.

• A site survey will be conducted by professionals who should be familiar with your type of program. Site surveyors not only hold your organization accountable for the standards, but will assist you in meeting the standards.

• You will receive a survey report detailing your organization’s strengths and areas that need improvement. You will have the opportunity to submit feedback on the survey process.

• The CARF Board of Trustees makes the final accreditation decision. The survey report with accreditation outcome will be mailed to you within eight weeks of the survey.

• If your organization receives accreditation, you will receive an accreditation certificate and will be included in the annual Directory of Accredited Organizations, which is available to payer and referral sources.

• Within 90 days of receiving an accreditation outcome from CARF, you must submit a corrective action plan that addresses recommendations contained in the survey report.