PM fixes things before they break

The following checklist is included in Lynchburg-based Virginia Baptist Hospital’s preventive maintenance (PM) Area Sweep guide:

Inspect the area for chipped or peeling paint or wall coverings and broken electrical and gas receptacle covers.

Check appropriate electrical equipment for ground continuity.

Check minor mechanical and electrical equipment for integrity and function.

Perform minor adjustments, lubrication, and minor repairs.

Test the polarity and tension of electrical receptacles.

Check the nurse calling system by phoning the nurses’ station to test proper operation and volume.

Inspect any medical air, oxygen, vacuum, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide outlet leaks.

Run four ounces of solution (half water and half peroxide) in vacuum outlets where leaks are noted.

Perform safety checks on beds in each room.

Calibrate thermostats.

Remove return-and-exhaust vents, clean them, and vacuum above them.

Relamp all lights in patient rooms except the exam light (which lasts two years).

Check commode for proper operation. Where tank model is found, check flush valve for leaks. If leak is found, replace with fluid master.

Check proper operation of TV remote control.

Check area for any equipment not tagged with equipment identification number.

Check telephone for proper operation. Make sure correct number is displayed.

Push the test button to test for proper operation of battery-powered lighting (emergency or exit lights).