NCQA offers HEDIS seminars, health plan report cards

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) in Washington, DC, offers educational seminars on HEDIS 3.0 nationwide. For more information, access the NCQA Web site at Or call customer service at (202) 955-5697.

NCQA report cards are published in its Quality Compass reports, available on CD-ROM or in print. The reports include regional and national benchmark information on the performance of hundreds of participating health plans.

Written reports are divided into Eastern, Western, Mid-West, and Southern regions and cost $500 each. Costs for the CD-ROM vary, depending on how many health plan report cards you want to view: For $800, you can view data for up to 25 plans; for $1,600, up to 75 plans. Both written and CD-ROM reports are available through NCQA’s publications center at (800) 839-6487.