Physician, administrator values closely aligned

Although doctors and administrative types seem to be perpetually at odds, the competencies they value are not as polarized as you might think.

At least that's implied by first-phase results from a recent study in progress through the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE), based in Englewood, CO. The purpose of the study, notes Andrea Rossiter, FACMPE, senior vice president of the college, is "to help the physician and administrator members of [medical practice teams] manage and lead together." ACMPE is the professional development and credentialing arm of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) also in Englewood, CO.

The investigation consisted of two separate surveys: one related to administrator competencies, the other to those of physician executives. In valuing competencies directly connected with quality improvement processes, physicians and administrators showed no appreciable difference. Those competencies include analyzing and managing cost and revenue, running efficient cost-effective practices, and improving clinical processes and outcomes.

Other results show the following differences:

· Administrators place highest value on: (1) facilitating and managing change; (2) conducting effective interpersonal, oral, and written communications; and (3) building productive working relationships.

· Physicians value: (1) exercising ethical decision making and social responsibility, (2) building teams and conducting effective groups. Age and number of years in health care or health care administration did not predict individual responses.

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