New book tells how to apply AORN standards

A new publication scheduled for distribution in March 1999 will help surgical nurses apply the Denver-based Association of Operating Room Nurses’ (AORN) standards of practice to non-hospital surgical settings.

"We are not changing our standards. We are giving our members advice and support as they apply the standards to an ever-increasing number of surgical venues outside the hospital operating room," says Ramona Conner, RN, MSN, perioperative nursing specialist in the AORN Center for Nursing Practice, Health Policy, and Research.

As nurses find themselves managing surgery centers and office-based surgical services that have none of the additional resources found in a hospital, they have asked AORN for help, explains Conner.

"This book will address issues such as materials management, infection control, risk management, emergency preparedness, medical records management, and human resources," she says.

The publication will also advise on the application of preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative standards in a nontraditional setting and will recommend ways for nurses to enforce standards when space is limited or the "surgical suite" is a converted exam room.

"Our members are facing challenges in working in and managing nontraditional surgical settings that not only include freestanding centers and offices, but even mobile operating rooms," Conner says. "Our association is committed to providing the support needed to ensure quality care and patient safety."

The publication will be available in late March 1999. For more information, contact the Association of Operating Room Nurses, 2170 S. Parker Road, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80231-5711. Telephone: (800) 755-2676 or (303) 755-6300. Fax: (303) 750-3462. Web: