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How to cross boundaries . . . electronically

A number of sites on the World Wide Web offer information about language barriers in health care and other cultural competency issues: Resources for Cross Cultural Health Care runs this site, which provides contacts for all areas of culturally competent care, as well as models of programs across the country and links to other sites. It has a listing of interpreter associations, both nationally and regionally. medicine/ne_texmedfeatsideoct96.htm — This is the location of an article on communicating with Hispanic patients that was published in Texas Medicine, a publication of the Texas Medical Association. The article provides tips for overcoming language and cultural obstacles to care among the Hispanic population. The Center for Cross Cultural Health offers, among other features, teaching packages for culturally competent care and profiles of ethnic communities found in the Minneapolis area, where the organization is based. Among the profiles available, most in printed form for a small fee are, those for the Hmong, Nuer (Africans living in the Sudan and Ethiopia), Russian Jewish, Bosnian, Vietnamese, and Ukrainian cultures.