Recommended surfing for bioethics professionals

Bioethics-related Web sites and listservs

We reviewed the following listservs and Web sites and recommend them for your ethics committee or group. If you have an additional site or listserv, please forward the information to Medical Ethics Advisor, and we will be happy to review it and share it with readers.


Medical College of Wisconsin Bioethics Discussion Forum:

Send an e-mail message to: listproc@its. Leave the subject line blank. In the message text type: subscribe mcw-bioethics Your Name (your real name not your e-mail address name) Send this message. You should receive a reply message, and later, information about the bioethics discussion forum and a request for information.

American Health Consultants (Medical Ethics Advisor and other newsletters such as Hospice Management Advisor):

Send an e-mail message to: listserv@listserv. and put in the words "subscribe medical-ethics" and/or "subscribe hospice" in the message text followed by your name (as above) You will receive confirmation of your message and in a day, you will receive additional information on how the discussion forum works, how to post messages, and how to exit the forum.


University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics:

http: //

Medical College of Wisconsin Center for the Study of Bioethics:

University of Minnesota Bioethics Program:

New York State Health Department:

Includes information on public policy relating to end of life care and court cases. http://wings.

State University of New York at Buffalo Center for Clinical Humanities in Healthcare5:

• Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara, CA:

• MacLean Center for Ethics, Chicago:

• Society for Health and Human Values:

• American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics:

http: //

McGill University Center for Ethics, Montreal, Quebec:

• The Humane Genome Project: Genetics and Public Issues: Links and papers dealing with a wide range of genetic issues: (Access through University of Pennsylvania web site).