Do you know what ‘kickback’ means?

Here are examples

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, gives these very clear examples of what is meant by "kickbacks" in the home health industry:

• paying fees to physicians for each plan of care signed;

• disguising referral fees as salaries by paying referring physicians for services either not rendered or paying for services in excess of fair market value;

• offering free services to patients, such as transportation and meals if they agree to switch home health providers;

• providing hospitals with discharge planners, home care coordinators, or home care liaisons in exchange for referrals;

• providing free services, such as 24-hour nursing coverage, to retirement homes or adult living facilities as an inducement for referrals;

• subcontracting with retirement homes or adult living facilities for provision of home health services as an inducement for referrals.