News From Home Care

Home care workers are making more

Home care salaries increased in 2000, according to Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service’s 2000-2001 salary and benefits report released in September. The following median salary figures from its 380-page report were released:

• executive director — $63,882;

• occupational therapist — $45 per visit;

• physical therapist — $45 per visit.

The executive director median salary increased 3.04% from $62,000 in 1999. Occupational therapists’ median per-visit rate increased 4.65% from $43 per visit in 1999. Physical therapist median per-visit rate increased 2.27% from $44 per visit in 1999.

The report points out that the therapists per-visit rate increases represent a recovery from decreases the previous year. Personnel activity during 2000 for executive departments showed that 4.7% were expanded, 13.3% were reduced in size, and 82% remained the same. Respondents also reported 41.1% of nursing departments were expanded, 42.2% remained the same, and 16.7% were reduced in size.

The report involved 1,475 home health agencies whose employment consisted of nearly 52,000 employees. The report was conducted in cooperation with the National Association of Home Care in Washington, DC.