Where to go for Y2K help

Are you worried about where you can get more information on the year 2000 (Y2K) Bug and how it might affect you? There are plenty of places to go for help. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, is holding seminars throughout the country through the end of the year. These one-day courses not only provide you with information on how to assess and resolve Y2K issues in your agency, but also provide you with continuing education credits.

Information on the seminars is available by contacting JCAHO’s customer service center at (630) 792-5800, or by visiting its Web site at www.jcaho.org.

There are also plenty of other Web sites full of information. Among them are:

• www.year2000.com

This site provides good general information and an ongoing discussion group with over 1,800 subscribers.

• www.y2k.com

There are some great links to other sites at this address, as well as information on seminars, conferences, and special areas that deal with issues faced by small business owners — legal, management, and technical.

• www.s390.ibm.com/vse/vsehtmls/vse2000.htm

This address provides information of a more technical nature, particularly for programs that use COBOL.